Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Marks BEfD 1r semester 2019-20.

Dear students,

The semester has come to its end. I want to congratulate you all for your work. The results are the evidence that you have worked hard throughout these months. I can prove you have learned a lot and I am sure that your English will go with you and get better and better. Believe in yourselves. You are great!

Here you can see your marks for the project of the CV (Europass + cover letter + job advertisement + infography).

Here you can see your final marks.

Remember that the assessment is as follows:
- Worksheet nº 2 (Macs and PCs): 1 mark
- Worksheet nº 3 (Education): 1 mark
- Worksheet about your field (specific for each Degree): 1 mark
- Worksheets no. 8 & 9 (Internet & file sharing): 1 mark
- Peer assessment: 0.5 marks (* 2)
- Project and oral presentation: 2 marks
- Worksheet no. 11 (cell phones affect memory): 1 mark
- Final worksheets/ task: 1 mark
- Attendance: 1 mark

Please revise that your marks are correct according to the worksheets you have given to me throughout the semester. If there is something wrong, please write to me.

VERY IMPORTANT.- the date for the exam or upgrading will be MONDAY 20th at 12:55 pm in Room 3 and not Tuesday 21st as I told you. This is because the school needs me to be somewhere else on Tuesday. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.