Sunday, 10 February 2013

3rd ESO C. Last Thursday and Friday.

For the students who didn't come to class on Thursday and/ or Friday, and for all those who want to know it:

- Henry VIII and his Six Wives
Contents/ parts of workshop to hand in on 28th February:
    - cover
   - chapters
   - synopsis
   - glossary
   - activities (pg 46-47-48, pag 49-ex 1, pag 50-ex 2, pag 51-ex 4)
Thursday 21st Feb: exam with book/ notes/ dictionary
Thursday 28th Feb: final exam

- Future tenses: will/ shall - present continuous - be going to + INF
see Grammar Reference on page 97-98 (WB)

- Answers to exercises on page 42 WB.
Have a nice weekend!