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Reverse translations. ANSWERS.

Reverse translations

Unit 1 – Possessions

1   I occasionally buy expensive clothes.
2   My brother never gives presents to people!
3   Mike doesn’t wear sunglasses.
4   I don’t often use my mobile phone.
5   How often do you buy things on the internet?
6   They don’t mind helping us.
7   They always go shopping at the weekend.
8   Do you like reading novels?
9   Does he listen to rock music?
   10   Have you got an umbrella with you?

Unit 2 – Home

1   I can’t talk now – I’m cleaning the floor.
2   Mark is upstairs – he’s having a shower.
3   There are four chairs in the dining room.
4   Ali isn’t doing his homework now – he’s watching TV.
5   Rob and Tina aren’t doing the cooking – they’re reading magazines in the kitchen.
6   What are you doing?
7   Where is Jake going?
8   Who does the washing-up in your house?
9   Is Sara tidying her room now?
   10   Are Matt and Nicola watching a DVD?

Unit 3 – Looking back

1   I was born in 1992.
2   Martha left school last year.
3   My parents went to school in Madrid.
4   I didn’t enjoy the film last night – it was boring.
5   What did you do yesterday?
6   Where did he buy his jeans?
7   I was very nervous before my exam.
8   They were very upset and angry.
9   There wasn’t a TV in the house.
    10   There weren’t many people at the party.

Unit 4 – Dare!

1   I was tidying my room when you arrived.
2   Tom was cycling across France when he fell off his bike.
3   She phoned while she was sitting on the train.
4   Was he sitting in his car?
5   Where were you going when the accident happened?
6   As soon as I got home, I phoned for help.
7   What was the weather like yesterday?
8   They weren’t swimming when they saw the shark.
9   I wasn’t walking home when I saw the fire.
   10   She wasn’t doing her homework when I phoned.