Monday, 6 December 2010

Exam. 2nd Year of Artistic Ceramics

The exam on Thursday will consist of the following exercises:
- 1st exercise: choose the correct option (pronouns)
- 2nd exercise: write the numbers in words.
- 3rd exercise: write the ordinal numbers in words.
- 4th exercise: complete the days of the week.
- 5th exercise: put the words in the correct order to make classroom expressions (Worksheet no. 5)
- 6th exercise: Choose the correct alternatives (verb to be)
- 7th exercise: complete the text with the word from the box (pronouns)
- 8th exercise: complete the months of the year.
- 9th exercise: Wirte the sentences in the negative form (verb to be)
- 10th exercise: Complete the sentences with the correct form of to be.
- 11th exercise: Complete the familiy tree (mother, brother, etc.)
- 12th exercise: Translation.

Good luck!
See you on Thursday.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010