Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Homework for 4th ESO.

In the following link you can read the script of the Listening we listened to today, so that you can read it and answer the questions in exercise 4 on page 43.

On the other hand, below you can find some questions about the book Anne of Green Gables.
- Why did Marilla and Mathew want a boy instead of a girl at first?
- Why was Mrs. Lynde angry with Anne at the beginning of the story?
- What happened to Marilla's brooch?
- Does Anne go to Redmond College? Why?
- Why did Anne hate Gilbert?
- What happened when Anne invited Mrs Allan?

See you on Thursday.


Lourdes said...

Hola celia esq en estas tres preguntas 1)What happened to Marilla´s brooch? . 2) Does Anne go to redmond college ? why ? 3) What happened when Anne invited Mrs Allan? Como estaban mal las he vuelto a hacer y me gustaria saber si las tengo bien . Gracias

Celia Molina said...

Déjamelas en el casillero el miércoles por la mañana y te las corrijo. El jueves a 2ª hora estaré en 1ºC, baja a por ellas. Slds. Celia.